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Ecriture & Literacy: confronting French and British approaches to writing practices and literacy

Monday 16 February 2009

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As a follow-up of the 2007 Conference, a return visit to Lancaster was organized in May 2008.

BAAL Linguistic Ethnography Forum: ’ethnographies of literacy: an Anglo-French dialogue’ 8 mai 2008, Lancaster, Literacy Research Centre, Lancaster University



A program on “Investigating writing: French anthropology of writing and New Literacy Studies” is currently funded by the Franco-British Research program Alliance. It involves the Research group "Anthropology of Writing" (IIAC, CNRS-EHESS) and the LLRC. We aim at confronting methods and concepts originating from distinct disciplines and different scientific and institutional contexts. The result is refreshing views on our theoretical frameworks and methods.

Two publications result from this exchange:
- The anthropology of writing: understanding textually-mediated worlds, David Barton & Uta Papen, eds, Continuum, Londres, 2010.

Table des matières

- A special issue of the French journal Language et Société on the New Literacy Studies, edited by Béatrice Fraenkel and Aïssatou Mbodj-Pouye, appeared in September 2010 with contribution by David Barton, Mary Hamilton, Uta Papen, and Elsie Rockwell, as well as a translation of one of Scribner and Cole’s classical paper.

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