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Ecriture & Literacy, EHESS, June 2007

Monday 16 February 2009

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Écriture & Literacy : the constitution of a domain of research in Great-Britain and in France EHESS, Paris, June 25th 2007

You can listen to the contributions on line here.

Presentation The intent of this Conference is to bring together British and French scholars working on literacy. The aim of this dialogue is to understand why scientific and institutional contexts are so different in our two countries on literacy-related questions, and to provide an insight of current issues. The first part (in the morning) will consist of a historical approach to the field-research of literacy studies, in Great-Britain and France. We suggest that the contributions should start from works which have been important for generations of scholars (Vygotsky, Hoggart, and Goody). They have been read quite differently in Great-Britain and France: elucidating these differences is necessary for an effective dialogue between scholars trained in these two distinct contexts. This epistemological approach requires a careful attention to terminology and translation. “Ecriture” and “cultures écrites” are not exact equivalents for “literacy” and “literacies”. Speakers are invited to specify their own choices (Francophones for example have to choose to use or not use the neologism “litérattie”). The second part will open the discussion on current issues. In the afternoon, speakers will have to give an account of their contributions to the field. These presentations will be grounded in empirical material and will pay a special attention to methods.

Organisation: équipe Anthropologie de l’écriture/IIAC Scientific organiser: Aïssatou Mbodj-Pouye

You can read a brief description by John Postill, one of the speakers.

You can download the program and bibliography.

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